Friday, August 12, 2011

Meego metrics charts for June 2011

After metrics data for June 2011 were published by Dawn Foster I created new charts:

Web visitors

Registered users

Active users

Community activity

Development activity

Monday, July 4, 2011

Meego metrics charts

Almost from the start of the Meego project, we were able to track the activity of the project, thanks to monthly activity reports prepared by Dawn Foster.

If you wanted to see the progress over the year(s) you had to compare different reports and crunch all those numbers. That's why I put those data to Google Docs spreadsheet and generated following charts.

Web visitors

Registered users

Active users

Community activity

Development activity

Source data

The sources of the charts data are available at Metrics page at Meego wiki.
Data spreadsheet is available at Google docs.


If you see any problem with the data or charts, let me know. If you want to see some more charts, let me know too.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Of Harmattan and S60

Despite most of Nokia's will directed to Windows phone release,  they finally showed their view of Meego.
Meego - open source, Linux-based system was supposed to be future of Nokia and future of mobile open source (as Meego follows far more open model than Android).

Without strong backing from device (especially phone and tablet) manufacturers Meego may slip to irrelevance. However, with great response after the  announcement of N9 with Meego Harmattan and Swipe UX, many are thinking, what could be achieved, if Nokia would countinue to support  Meego.

As I see it, in spite of great user experience, Meego had great potential for disaster with Nokia in lead, because of very strong similarity to another Nokia's failure - Symbian/S60.

Symbian was the best system for mobile devices (at it's time), created by consortium of manufacturers, trying to create one common environment and at the same time trying to differentiate.
That's why Nokia developed custom user interface based on Symbian called S60.

The failure of Symbian is tied to the failure of S60 (and other user interfaces) to progress quickly, as custom changes, required by Nokia slowed down the development of the system.

Now back to Meego...  What was the most praised property of Meego based Nokia N9?
Swipe user experience - custom desktop based on closed source software that Nokia didn't plan to share with rest of the Meego community.